Hello Jeannene,

If you have ever spent an extra 30 seconds clarifying the spelling of your name for, well, everyone...You are in the right place!
Welcome to jeannene.net, a potential gathering place for every Jeannene everywhere.

As you may have guessed, I own and maintain the jeannene.com, jeannene.org, and jeannene.net domains.
I have always intended to share this good fortune with all the other Jeannenes in the world.
Would you be interested in having your own Jeannene (insert your last name here) page/corner on jeannene.net with whatever information and links you need?
A bit like an exclusive Linked-in for Jeannenes.
I would be happy to host your personalized page… free of charge of course – we're family ;-)
and hope that we could find and gather other Jeannenes to join in the fun.
I know this may sound a bit odd, but so is the spelling of our name.
Let me know if you're game for the adventure… best to you, Jeannene Hansen

Google Jeannene and you will find over 3000 references to that specific spelling…
from pokemyname.com…
JEANNENE is the 50724th most popular name in USA
(... 50722.vala , 50723.lavonna , 50724.jeannene , 50725.yorleny , 50726.dunda ...).
One in every 702,203 Americans is named JEANNENE and popularity of name JEANNENE is 1.42 people per million.
If we compare the popularity statistics of JEANNENE to USA's population statistics,
we can estimate that as of December 16, 2010 there are 443 people named JEANNENE in the United States
and the number is increasing by 4 people every year.
Usage of Jeannene as a middle name is more common than its usage as a first name.
The sum of alphabetical order of letters in JEANNENE is 68.