International High School
Techno .09
3 • Continuing to create personal content for the IHS web site

Once you have filled in the above information, File ->SaveAs… your studentname3.html in your ƒolder in the Techno .09 ƒolder so this original document remains unchanged for the next class.

Then, answer the blue questions/tasks in the white spaces.

Text you want the world to read about you.

In the space below, type at least, 3 definitive sentences about yourself to publish on the WWW. (likes, dislikes, world views, opinions, poetry, descriptive truths)


Edit the 200 words about yourself you typed last week to at least, 3 definitive sentences. Spell-check (Choose Check Spelling from the Text menu), PLEASE!

Posterized Image for the Techno .09 SplashScreen

If you don't see your image in the animated Techno .09 Splash Screen OR want to change it for the better…

  1. Make 'AppleTalk Inactive' from the Control Strip.
  2. Open Photoshop [Apple menu -> Applications -> Photoshop 5.5] and
  3. Open… your favorite .jpg image from your ƒolder.
  4. Create a copy of the background layer and select/highlight that layer.
  5. From the Image menu, choose Adjust-> Posterize… Experiment with the levels and choose one that looks best (between 3-8)
  6. Take a chance on some Extra Credit*
  7. Save as a studentName.jpg file.

*Extra Credit and Kudos:

Double-click the Crop tool on the Tools palette to reveal the Crop Options window

  1. Check the Fixed Target Size checkbox
  2. Width = 200 pixels, Height = 200 pixels, Resolution = 72 dpi

Crop the image to include head and shoulders and Save as… a studentnamesplash.jpg file.

Graphic portrait for your personal page

Using Photoshop to manipulate or change one of your images from your ƒolder in the Techno .09 ƒolder, create an artistic alternative to accompany the text about yourself.

For ideas, visit this web address

Choose the first "Get Outta Town" tutorial on this web page and complete the tutorial using one of your images from your ƒolder and a found image from the web or a creation of your own.

Crop the image to 240x180 pixels, 72 dpi and save as a studentnameportrait.jpg file.

As usual with this document, please Save as… with your name (lastnameXX.html and lastnameXX. jpg) and deposit a copy of each new file in the DropBox folder on Yorba when you have finished completing it. Maintain a copy of both/all in your folder inside the Techno .09 folder on your computer.

This is not a completed assignment unless you save a copy to the DropBox ƒolder on Yorba as well as in your personal ƒolder on your computer when you're finished.

File Sharing over a Network - Getting and Putting files
If you don't have a copy of your ƒolder on your hard drive…OR you want to deposit a copy of your day's work in the Drop ƒolder
  1. To connect to Yorba, AppleTalk must be active and File Sharing must be turned on.
  2. Connect to Yorba: [Apple menu -> Chooser -> AppleShare icon-> Yorba
    Password =Yorba, Name=Yorba] and click OK to see the Yorba icon mount on your desktop.
  3. Find the desired ƒolder by navigating through the heirarchy of ƒolders on Yorba.
  4. Copy your ƒolder to your computer's hard drive, into the Techno .09 ƒolder. by dragging its icon to the ƒolder.
    Copy your assignment files to the Drop ƒolder on Yorba!
  5. Disconnect from Yorba [drag the Yorba icon to the trash] so others can connect.