3 Weeks, 3 Classes

1. Finish Tutorial

• Enter or type the 3 steps into a second table on your webpage

• Acquire the 3 images to illustrate your 3-step tutorial

Search the Internet for "copyright-free images" (You must give proper credit to the original artists and create a link to the original work on the web if you appropriate someone else's artwork or photographs)
Scan your original photographs or drawings
Create or enhance found images in AppleWorks or PhotoShop
Schedule a digital photo-session

• Prepare your acquired images in Photoshop

Crop and resize to 240 x 180 pixels

Save a copy… as a .jpeg or .gif

Place all images for your web page in the same ƒolder as your .html document, then link them in Dreamweaver.

2. Disguise your portrait and review your bio

Those that wrote about the Retreat may want to personalize their page, your writing is preserved and duplicated on

3. Final Web Page Tweak

Tables: Border = 0, Width = 100 percent (NOT pixels), Cell spacing and padding = 5

Visual Balance: Consider the balance of your image with the text in your bio.

Spell Check!!!
Choose Check spelling… from the Text menu in Dreamweaver

When you have completed this assignment, deposit a copy in the Drop folder on Yorba

URL: http://www.fais-ihs.org/ven/ihs/studentwk/techno.09.04/webpages/index.html