Flattering your Face

Setting up your camera for optimal face-flattering framing is worth the time and effort.

Flippant hand gesture Give your head plenty of room to 'breathe' and move about in the frame. If you speak with your hands, allow enough space for a casual gesture to be read correctly and completely. If your nose is approximately dead center, your eyes and mouth will be positioned for optimal communication. Along with your hands, they are the most mobile part of your image and rich in information and visual cues for your listener. Always check your focus, first and foremost.
Adjustable cam animation Adjusting your camera's angle of view can enhance your look and how you come across. Probably the best angle for most faces is from slightly above eye level. A direct visual connection can be made emphatically with the eyes and the upward tilt of your head pulls the skin taut. Your neck and shoulders should be defined and relaxed. Experiment with your camera's tilt and swivel to capture the best you.
Expressive lips An extreme close-up can help clarify a point or show off your new gold filling! Break the monotony of a 'talking head' shot by moving closer to the lens OR zoom in with your cam and refocus if necessary. If you are exchanging volleys with a friend or colleague, this change of pace will enliven your exchange.