Can ya print it out?

You can prepare an image for printing and placement in a desktop publishing document or in some cases print directly from the image editing/preparation program.


A lovely head and shoulders image
Photoshop can be used to enhance and tweak how an image looks, but it pulls double duty for sizing and saving an image in the proper file format for your desktop publishing program.

Re-size your image to the intended dimensions by choosing Image size from the menu. The dialog box will give you a chance to change the resolution as well. Most desktop printers can handle 300 dpi (your mileage may vary) Consult your printer's manual or experiment by printing a test page. Save your file as a TIFF, PICT, JPEG or EPS. PageMaker & Quark handle all types, while older versions may be JPEG-clueless.

PageMaker's Place command on a typical layout Quark's Get Picture command on a typical layoutThese 2 desktop publishing programs have been helping people print text and images together, forever.

PageMaker allows 2 ways to add imagery to a page layout document for printing.
Pasting an inline graphic involves Selecting All and Copying the image in Photoshop. Switch to PageMaker and Paste it in a text box at the cursor position. You can continue typing 'after' the graphic is placed within the line of text.

Acquiring your image file for inclusion. In PageMaker you "Place"(Command - E) an image while in Quark you "Get Picture" (Command - D) Same difference! Both of these commands are under the File menu. Quark requires a picture box to contain the image, while PM allows for placement with a loaded cursor. Click where you want to place it on the page. Both programs allow you to re-size either by dragging a 'handle' (PM) or numerically through a dialog box.

A business card design with an image in place 12 images 'ganged' onto one sheet for business cardsA proper business card is an essential tool for doing business these days, but DTP empowers you to change your greeting like you would a hat. Why not print up a 'limited edition' version to exchange with others in the event of a special occasion; birth, graduation, vacation phone numbers, new web site, raffles or fishbowl drawings! Who knows they might become a collector's items!

By designing once and pasting many times, you can 'gang' them on an 8.5 x 11 page for printing. Add guides for cutting the cards into individual pieces.