Everything new is old again…

Color palettes. This method of image manipulation harkens back to the time when photographs were black and white and photographers used oil paints to hand tint the images with color. The effect gives your new image an old time feel and look.

original image Use your cam to acquire an image to be tinted. You may need to lighten it to bring out details or change the dimensions to fit at its designated destination. Photoshop will allow you to manipulate the image for these purposes.
nearly-grayscale image tool paletteFrom the Image menu choose ->Adjust-> Desaturate(Shift-Command-U). Color still exists in the image but you must now re-apply it selectively to areas with a paint tool. The choices from Photoshop's tool palette include an Airbrush, PaintBrush, Pencil, Rubber Stamp, Smudge or Blur.
lovely tinted image Using the color palette or the color picker change your foreground color. Double-click the Airbrush tool and choose Color from the paint mode on the Tool Options palette. In this mode, you will just apply a color tint over the image. Choose a brush size that will allow you to paint the small areas distinctly or the larger areas completely. Depending on its eventual destination, save it in the proper file format.
screenshot of Tool options palette