Light up your life

Light and shadow along with camera angles can be a powerful tool in communicating with others.


Body language animation

Speaking with your hands can add another layer of meaning and punctuation to your message. Your camera simulates being in the same room conversing with a friend, so carry on a conversation with your camera as if it were your friend. You can indicate size, compare small items side by side, or even convey emotions or feelings. They are visual cues we use naturally in a face to face encounter and greatly enrich our one to one communication with each other.
A smile Even the most serious conversation can be punctuated with a heartfelt smile or grin to let your listener know you are on their side, share the same point of view, and generally want to work with them on the problem to be solved. There all kinds of smiles; mischievous, friendly, cynical or sarcastic, conspiratorial ;-), even romantic. Try one or two on for size, they'll get you alot further faster!
simple gesture animation Even the simplest gesture can make your point quickly and concisely. A wave goodbye, a quick sign-off salute, or even a thumbs-up can signal the end of your transmission or your agreement with a previous message. Personalizing your message will make it more memorable, much like a signature file does for email. Attaching a video signature to email may also encourage others to share theirs with you.